It’s time driving instructors got a better deal

How it has always worked until now.

As a qualified driving instructor there are usually two paths you can follow when starting up your new business.

Option 1 would be to work for a driving school, this means that you get to use the reputation and brand that the school have already built up over a long period, as well as letting them take over some of the responsibilities like advertising, booking in new pupils and dealing with enquiries that any potential customers might have before they choose your school.

In return you would pay the school a weekly franchise at a fixed rate, regardless of the amount of lessons you have done. Sometimes schools would include the use of a car but be careful, as in these cases the fee doesn’t always include the introduction of new pupils, meaning that you may have to pay per new pupil on top of the fixed franchise fee. This can get very expensive very quickly and if you don’t really need any pupils from the school, do you even need them at all.

Option 2 would be to set up on your own as a one instructor school. This would give you the freedom to work as much or as little as you wanted even part-time, without worrying about earning enough to cover your franchise whilst still having enough left over to earn a good living, as you wouldn’t have to pay a franchise fee at all.

That’s a huge saving per year but also a huge risk. If the amount of work you are finding on your own suddenly drops, whether that’s from a lot of tests passing at once, or perhaps losing some pupils because you have been off work for an extended period due to illness, where do you turn for help to build your diary back up as soon as possible?

Neither of these situations are ideal for the instructor, mainly because the amount of work you have done in any given week/month makes no difference to the amount you pay out. You could have some very good weeks and some very bad weeks. This is the kind of uncertainty that causes a lot of instructors to leave the job all together.

At Rapid Pass Driving Centre, we want to provide a third option, with all the benefits of working for a well established school, but with the flexibility of working on your own. We have been working on a franchise scheme that will be charged fairly, based completely on the amount of work you actually do.

By using our calculator, you can see how much your OTE earnings would be AFTER your franchise has been deducted.*

Expected Earnings

How many hours a week do you want to work?

Take home pay:


If you like what you see and you would like to speak to us about potentially coming on board, you can contact us at

*Calculations are based on £28.50 per hour (this is an average of £29 per hour full price and £28 per hour for student discount/advanced block booking discount) minus 10%. All other costs incurred from running a business are not included.